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SPA services

SPA services

Royal Spa Velingrad Hotel offers a wide range of delightful spa treatments for a spa vacation in Velingrad. On an area of 4000 sq. m., you will find a true oasis of relaxation and recovery available throughout the year.

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Russian bath

The history of the traditional Russian bath stems from the tribes of the Scythians, who were pouring water and herbal infusions to hot stones. Time to relax in such an environment. Despite the large quantities of steam, the temperature will not create discomfort as it is much lower than that in the sauna. The procedures in the Russian bath will clean yourskin, saturate it with oxygen, remove harmful bacteria and fungi. As the Russians say: “The bathroom burns but gives health”.

In order to feel the maximum pleasure from the water procedures in the Russian bath, it is good to follow some basic rules:

  • do not rush – the greatest pleasure is when slowly, at certain intervals, make several visits to the steam room, followed by a short break
  • to avoid burning in poor health
  • do not apply the procedures on an empty stomach
  • not to enter the bathroom immediately after a hearty meal, it is necessary to pass at least an hour
  • do not drink too much fluid
  • not to drink alcohol, as well as the presence of people intoxicated
  • to remove all body ornaments in advance – watch, glasses, earrings, chain, rings
  • do not smoke in the bathroom or at rest
  • to limit sudden movements
  • do not water the stones during the first visit to the steam room
  • to rest after the bath not less than 20 minutes and during this time to take a shower
  • do not use a towel, but let the body just dry, because the air after such a bath dries the skin

Mineral Water

Mineral Water

The mineral water of Velingrad is recognized for its healing qualities even outside Bulgaria. The healing effect of the water has been known long back in the time. The ancient Thracians who lived in Chepino valley in 5th century A.D., followed by Romans, used the mineral water of Velingrad.

The swimming pools and the SPA Center of Hotel Royal Spa Velingrad use mineral water from from the thermal springs with a temperature between 40 and 45 oC. This is the ideal temperature, which allows the use of 100% mineral water for healing procedures without the need to dilute with cold water.

The total mineralization of the water is 0.199 g / l.

Velingrad ranks first in Bulgaria for its abundance and diversity of mineral waters. The richest hydrothermal deposits are located here.

Mineral composition
Electrical conductivity 214 μS/cm
рН 9,06
H2SiO3 50,2 mg/l
Mineralization 198,852 mg/l
Carbon dioxide 0,0 mg/l
Hydrogen sulphide 0,02 mg/l
Temperature 44oС
Arsenic < 0,001
Antimony < 0,001
Cadmium < 0,0004
Chromium < 0,005
Copper < 0,005
Nickel < 0,002
Plumbum < 0,003
Selenium < 0,001
Mercury < 0,0001
Manganese < 0,002
Barium < 0,002
Boron < 0,05
Cyanides < 0,01
Radiological indicators
General α-activity 0,05 – 0,03 Bq/l
General β-activity 0,05 – 0,01 Bq/l
Radium 226 < 30 mBq/l
Tritium < 2 Bq/l
Uranium < 0,008 mg/l

Velingrad is very rich in thermal springs and surely takes the first place among all Spa resorts in our country. Today the mineral springs of Velingrad are a place to restore your health, beauty and youth. When used for drinking and prophylaxis the water has salutary effect in treating the following diseases: nephro-urological diseases, cholangio -hepatical diseases, gastro-duodenalis diseases, endocrinological diseases such as gout and diabetes, osteoporosis, chronic professional intoxications and many more.

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